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      Markhamat Umarova was born on June 15, 1969. Meanwhile enrolled in school of general education, Mrs. Umarova learned fine arts at art school from 1983 to 1988. She also took courses in dress-making at the Center of Child Development. Besides that, she earned a bachelor’s degree in economics. As a student, she was interested in batik and its application with clothes. She easily experimented on design of footwear and clothes. As a mother of three wonderful children, she managed to complete courses «The Textile Design of Interior». Besides, at the time Mrs. Umarova was a well-established designer, she took courses on “Cut and technology of sewing” at the Institute of Textile Industry.     Professionally, she is familiar with different sorts of embroidery, such as ribbon embroidery, beadwork and so on. Decorations, bijouterie and accessories for collections – are fruits of the designer’s creative spirit. Currently, she studies Japanese language and the Japanese tea ceremony, its calligraphy and tai-chi.
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